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Communications Pager
Matrix communications uses Matrix METS 2.1 infrastructure to send and receive text-based messages between Matrix text pagers and METS Messenger applications installed on workstations. The Matrix communications system, utilizing rugged, lightweight Text Pagers, is designed as a simple and efficient way to fulfill MSHA wireless communication requirements at the face or throughout the mine. The ability to easily and reliably implement multiple systems (communications, tracking, AMS) over a single, redundant cable infrastructure is quickly becoming an industry standard, as it is both cost-effective and easily maintained.

METS Text Pager

The METS 2WC-T text pager transmits and receives messages from other text pagers and any METS workstation. The text pagers are equipped with full QWERTY keyboards which allow for free-form text composition, or you can choose from a number of 'Quick Messages' - common messages used frequently during the normal course of business. Each text pager can be programmed with a full address book and locate functions, allowing for full communication and data exchange throughout the mine. METS text pagers are not only a simple and easy way of communication, but also an essential production tool for saving time and money.

METS Messenger

METS Messenger is an application, which can be installed on any workstation client, that allows a dispatcher or above-ground personnel to communicate with those underground. Without having to have a separate text pager for the dispatcher, communication to the surface is performed through a simple and familiar e-mail style interface. This application also allows for remote alterations of settings and functionality inside each text pager.


  • MSHA Approved IS design using alkaline batteries
  • Compact, Rugged, Mine Duty Case
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for ease of use
  • Allows for both Text and Graphics
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional radios
  • Uses existing METS infrastructure
  • Ability for '1 to 1' or '1 to many' messaging
  • Remotely Upgradable