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Matrix IntelliZone® Proximity Detection


The Matrix IntelliZone® proximity detection system helps train personnel to stay clear of danger zones present around mobile equipment. The system is designed for use on mobile equipment such as continuous miners, mobile haulage, and other light and heavy vehicles.

Precise Programmable Awareness Zones

The Matrix IntelliZone system typically uses two operational awareness zones. The Warning Zone (shown in yellow) uses highly-visible flashing lights to warn workers they are close to potential danger, and may reduce the speed of a vehicle or influence other changes in operation. The Shutdown Zone (shown in red) is closest to the equipment and causes immediately shut-down, and other actions, when a worker or IntelliZone equipped machinery enters this area. Additional zones can be configured if needed. IntelliZone Awareness Zones can have any shape and are customizable to specific equipment and applications.

Matrix’s leading-edge IntelliZone technology reduces nuisance warnings and shutdowns.

For example:
  • Mobile haulage (or Light Vehicle) Awareness Zones can be configured to vary based on speed and direction of travel. At higher speeds, longer forward zones allow additional response time for dangerous situations.
  • Mobile haulage Awareness Zone can “see” through ventilation curtains to warn of worker collisions.
  • Awareness Zone around the continuous miner (CM) tail automatically shrinks in cutting mode.
  • Awareness Zone on CM expands when disengaged from shuttle car and contracts when engaged.

render_locatorWorker Locator

The Matrix IntelliZone Locator is compact, (cell-phone sized) lightweight and simple to use. The Locator uses audible and visual alerts to warn personnel, has an LCD screen for status messages, and is powered by a rechargeable battery. All underground coal IntelliZone Locators are Intrinsically Safe (IS).


  • Long range detection for a wide variety of mobile machinery, mobile haulage, CMs, and light and heavy duty vehicles
  • Robust & compact personnel Locators
  • Precise Location - Advanced technology & multi-generation software algorithms allow precise worker location within zones for intelligent alerting and control
  • Intelligent Linear & Dynamic Zones – SharpZoneTM technology allows zones with wide or narrow linear shapes and sharp angles, that can expand and contract based on a vehicle's speed and direction
  • Superior Service & Support - All Matrix IntelliZone systems are backed by Matrix's experienced field service technicians and distribution network. All Joy SMARTZONE systems are backed by Joy service technicians.

Joy SMARTZONE Compatible*


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Matrix works closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure Drivers do not extend beyond the original lines of the machine (recessed) and are well guarded.

Data Logging

The Matrix IntelliZone System is the only system that allows precise (X,Y) personnel location and data logging.

Matrix IntelliZone Warning System Summary


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