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Modular Networking System



N-Connex is a high-speed modular network designed for harsh environments such as underground hardrock mines, tunnels, prep-plants and other heavy industries.

N-Connex uses mil-spec two-core fiber-optic cable for its high-speed (gigabit) network backbone. The system also works with other fiber combinations. The network is fully compatible with 802.3 and 802.11 Ethernet and WiFi devices for voice, tracking, environmental monitoring, data, video systems, teleops and autonomous vehicles.

N-Connex’s plug-‘n-play modular system is simple to install, maintain, and expand. Start with the services you need – add more when you need them.

N-Connex delivers the lowest cost per installed mile. No network specialist is required. Can be installed by your personnel. And, there are no annual licensing fees!

Matrix is the exclusive sales and service distributor of N-Connex in the United States, Europe and Africa.

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