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Matrix Proximity Detection Systems help train personnel to avoid danger zones while working around large machines, such as continuous miners and mobile haulage equipment. These systems detect workers in low visibility and obscured operator line-of-sight locations and can be used on a wide variety of equipment.

M3-1000 Proximity Detection System

  • Designed for the high-uptime requirements of continuous miners
  • Proven in U.S. coal mines - More than 100 systems in service with no decline in productivity after initial training period
  • All M3-1000 Transmitters and receivers are US MSHA-Approved Intrinsically Safe (IS)
  • Rear Amareness Zone automatically shrinks when CM is in cutting mode, then expands while tramming
  • Six Robust, Low-Profile, Machine-Mounted Transmitters
  • Compatible with Joy SMARTZONE

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IntelliZoneTM Proximity Detection

  • Designed for all mobile equipment; including mobile haulage, continuous miners and other industrial equipment
  • Intelligent Linear & Dynamic Zones – SharpZone technology allows zones with wide or narrow linear shapes and sharp angles, that can expand and contract based on a vehicle's speed and direction
  • Advanced Technology Components - Third-generation components are smaller, more robust and have longer range than competing systems
  • Highly Reliable - Machine-integrated "drivers" are compact and robust for maximum uptime and manufactured in the USA for harsh operating conditions
  • Compatible with Joy SMARTZONE

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IntelliZoneHDTM and IntelliZoneLTTM

IntelliZoneHD - Designed for heavy vehicles in hard rock and surface mines. Includes triangulation of external devices, in-cab digital directional display, and machine integration.

  • Increased range and dynamic zones for speed-sensitive applications
  • More input-output options for LIDAR, RADAR, GPS, and Stereo Camera integration; and X,Y positioning
  • SharpZoneTM technology allows the creation of custom alerting, warning, alarm, and stop zones around mobile equipment

IntelliZoneLT - Designed for light vehicles in hard rock and surface mines.

  • Designed as a low-cost alerting proximity detection system for all mobile machinery
  • Includes in-cab alerting

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craft_small_rgb"Alliance is committed to serving as a leader at the forefront of mine safety technology," said Joseph W. Craft III,  President and Chief Executive Officer at Alliance Resource Partners, L.P., "Our operating companies share this commitment and are working diligently to complete installations of the Matrix proximity detection system on their entire fleet of continuous miners."