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Wireless AMS - WAMS

CO SensorOverview

The Matrix Wireless Atmospheric Monitoring System (WAMS) is designed to detect potentially hazardous gasses in coal mines. The system is also designed to allow operators to comply with MSHA regulations and save time and money.   The system uses advanced technology sensors that are reliable and easy to configure, and is paired with software that is made to simplify the maintenance and labor needed for AMS compliance.
In mines using Matrix METS for communications and tracking, battery-powered sensors send data wirelessly to the METS post-accident communications infrastructure, providing post-accident and fan-down AMS data on the surface.  This allows operators and examiners to check for indications of hazardous conditions while the fan is down and to check again prior to entering the mine after the fan is restarted.


  • Designed for use in coal mines.  Integrated sensors, alarms, infrastructure, and software work together to simplify maintenance and labor. No third-party hardware or software integration is needed to complete a working system and Matrix releases updates for changing MSHA requirements to ensure that operator's efforts to comply are minimized
  • Rugged, Intrinsically-Safe (IS), Carbon Monoxide (CO) wireless sensors have no communications fuses to blow, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses and allowing easy placement and advancement with each working section
  • When used with the Matrix METS post-accident infrastructure, allows the system to be energized when the fan is down. This could allow examiners to enter the mine with the locations of any potentially hazardous conditions
  • AMS software can automatically recognize installation of calibrated sensors, notify operator when calibration is needed, and update Calibration Logs
  • IS sensor design allows ease of installation in the returns and last open crosscut as needed; no expensive "blue" or additional IS barriers needed; wireless, battery-powered sensor is easy to move at unit tailpiece when belt is added
  • When used with the Matrix METS post-accident infrastructure, allows separation between Tracking/Comm/AMS and control systems underground.  Separation makes both systems less confusing and allows responsibilities to be divided