Mining & Industrial Technology
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Matrix Design Group can help with all of your automation needs.  We have engineers on staff with a wide range of experiences in different industries. Our primary industry has been mining, but we also have experience in natural gas plants, manufacturing, machine automation, and in the steel industry.  

We offer both engineering and project management services.  We can design a complete site, from the incoming power to the operators interface.  At the same time, we can manage the entire project to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.

We utilize the latest technology and practices to offer the most reliable,
cost effective solutions to the industry.  We realize that there is no 'one
size fits all' solution in automation.  That's why we work closely with the
customer to ensure that all of their concerns are addressed during the
design process.  We understand the importance of up time and always strive
to minimize any down time associated with any upgrade or new installation.