OmniPro Lite Camera-based People Detection & Alerting System

Safety Vision Technology That Detects People in Industrial or Warehouse Environments

, OmniPro

OmniPro Lite

The Matrix OmniPro Lite is a camera-based recognition system that helps detect people within the line of travel and alerts the equipment operator of their presence.

  • Workers do not wear any type of signalling device.
  • Ultra low-light 2.5 Megapixel camera with up to 130° Field of Vision.
  • For additional safety coverage, multiple OmniPro Lite systems can be wirelessly linked together.
  • Rugged design for longer life in high-vibration, dirty industrial environments.
  • Compact design with all connection points on one end.
  • Scheduled availability in Q2 2020.

Matrix OmniPro MAX

OmniPro MAX is an intelligent multi-camera system (up to six) that can detect people and be “taught” to recognize other objects like specific equipment, safety barriers or no-go zones. Scheduled availability in Q3 2020.

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